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Welcome to the TSA Quote Wall! This repository exists as a result of our being inspired by Ibn Batuta, a man famed for his 30 years of travel in the 14th Century across most of the Islamic World. Ibn Batuta's memoirs are still held in high regard as readers can get up close and personal with the debauchery of the top dogs of humanity's past. The Quote Wall aims to fulfill a similar purpose for future TSA members digging into the archives of our history, so think of this as an exclusive time capsule.

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"I've been spending a lot of time on chess. Don't know if I've gotten better but now I play just as well with my non-dominant hand"
"It's actually not that hard, I'm told. You gotta remember the double Y. Yank the baby out and yeet it to the dad"
"Everytime Republic fucks up, I tell myself it's only because this is Arnab's part time job. The first is, of course, serving as a constant global reminder to the world about the devasting consequences of having sex without a condom"
" I pulled my hamstring while playing FIFA"
"There's no Ex in 'Khadpe"
"Why does Michael Phelps eat so much?.....Why does Michael Phelps need to swim so much?"
"Dada has a strict hierarchy-- he makes plain parathas first, then aloo parathas, then paneer parathas. Aap chronology samajhiye."
"All bus routes should be called pickup lines"
"Kids, my role as a managing editor at TSA would be remiss if I didn't ask you to "vote and express your opinion" and perpetuate the illusion that KGP is a democracy"

Guidelines on how to effectively (re)write history:
1. If a member of TSA says something outrageous, it goes on the Quote Wall.
2. If a member of TSA says something stupid, it goes on the Quote Wall.
3. If a member of TSA says something that makes sense, it does NOT go on the Quote Wall.
4. Anything that comes out of the mouth of our laconic Baibhab goes on the Quote Wall.
5. We at TSA abhor fake news, which is why we insist that all reporting be accompanied by a small sacrifice, to symbolize dedication to the cause. After years of admiring Vikram's hair, we thought it appropriate to demand a few strands of hair on the part of a reporter every time the Quote Wall is updated. Any quote found to be fabricated will be swiftly dealt with by forging a cursed effigy and condemning it to soak in perpetuity in the LBS Hall mess sabjis.
6. All quotes must go through vetting by a senior so as to optimally portray a story behind the member whose quote it is. This is for the explicit purpose of dumbing down alumni in the eyes of future TSA members.

Made with by Pranav and Vikram. Style inspiration from Vivek.